Améliorer la santé, changer des vies, un enfant à la fois
Mission de Tipaza

MAHF Board members, Azzedine Stambouli and Yassine Belkhodja travelled to Cincinnati, OH to meet the medical team who will be traveling to Tipaza, Algeria next month. The encounter allowed members of the Board of Directors of MAHF to introduce the work of the Foundation and get to know the volunteer medical team from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and University of Cincinnati. Dr Stambouli explained the mission objectives and gave an overview of the program. The team is composed of two pediatric urologist, an adult urologist, an anesthesiologist and two operating room assistants.

The meeting went very well and the group discussed previous experiences and some of the learning objectives of the mission. Dr Reddy explained his approach of creating lasting relationships with the medical team in Tipaza based on mutual learning. The doctors felt excited about going to Algeria. For most of them, this would be the first time in North Africa. They will be bringing with them a number of medical supplies and equipment to be generously donated to the Tipaza hospital.

The mission will take place April 12-19, 2017 at the Tipaza hospital, Algeria.