Améliorer la santé, changer des vies, un enfant à la fois

Lettre du Pr. Pramod

Good Morning Team,

I hope that all of you have returned home safely by now and that each of you is well and resting up from your travels. On behalf of the entire Cincinnati Team – I wanted to say a heartfelt ‘Thank you’, we each had an amazing time being part of the MAHF team in Algeria this past week – it exceeded our expectations – clinically, academically, culturally and personally – we will never forget the beautiful children that we were privileged to care for, the devoted parents who travelled from afar and waited patiently for us to tend to their child, the adult patients and the incredible colleagues whom we got to befriend and work alongside, teaching & learning together – their passion and dedication to the patients was inspiring (they worked on their holiday and late into the evening – always smiling and ready to do more). These and the many other experiences of our brief but enlightening time in Algeria has affected us on many levels – leaving each of us with a strong sense of purpose and an unwavering commitment to doing more as part of the MAHF team…….for the children and adult patients over there, we know that together, we can in a small way impact a sustainable difference on their health and happiness.

I do want to take the time to specifically express my personal gratitude to each of you – I know of the sacrifices that you had to make – time away from your family and day jobs, as well as the significant effort & resources expended from the entire team in planning and operationalizing this trip:

I have tried to capture some of the unforgettable moments and emotions that we all experienced during this trip through the lens of my camera – well over 400 pictures for your viewing pleasure. I am attaching a link to a folder that I have created in Dropbox that will give you access to all of the photos (I did NOT share the pictures showing any clinical details of our patients though – I know that we all respect their right to privacy and being treated with dignity – if any did make it through my screening of the photos – please delete the photo immediately, Thanks). If you have trouble viewing the photos – please reach out to me and we can discuss alternative means of getting the photos to you.

Have an amazingly awesome rest of your weekend and once again – thank you for allowing us to be a part of this transformational mission.



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