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Hadjer Nov 12, 2017 09:01
gd day ,is there any news regarding your next mission for the baldder extrophy at algeria !
HADJER Aug 22, 2017 09:18
bladder exstrophy
good day docteur pls indicate us if there is a confirmed date about your next visit at algeria ,my nephew was planned in your last visit at TIPAZA to undergo an intervention on sunday 16 april 2017 but it was cancelled in last minute ,pls give us any news .....
rachid Aug 07, 2017 04:06
spina bifida
Hello my daughter born July 14, 2017 she has a spina bifida accompanying a hydrocephalieelle (spina bifida myelomeningocele) needs a neurosurgery intervention. My number is 213670018654.tipasa. thank you
hamra Jul 25, 2017 18:49
extrophie vesicale
Hello here I have a child aged 4 years he has a vesical exfoliation and it is necessary a surgical intervention. Can not do in algeria. But in france costs very expensive. And i can not afford to do it . I need your help .
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Dr. Stambouli Jul 28, 2017 10:32
We are working on this project , as soon as we finish our preparation we will annonce it in our website ok .
madjid latrache Apr 15, 2017 18:52
my last comment
Its just some suggestions, why not
madjid latrache Apr 15, 2017 18:49
Anonce in Algerian TV Medias for Telethon autorized by DZ Government , for collecting funds for infrastructures than can facilitate All the logistic since partance of staff of volonters from US until the End of mission, and construction of model of polyclinic dedicate for exercing and heberging comodities for volonters doctors with all equipement fot formation and teleconferences...I seen you like Angels, we must facilitate everything for success of your noble mission..Thanks for all
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Stambouli Azzedine Jun 26, 2017 18:11
I agree , who will be organizing this Telethon. Thanks
faical Oct 28, 2016 14:41
visiting algeria again
salam, can you please visit algeria again, we have many cases of spina befida, ... please help us
bensalem sabrina Feb 19, 2015 18:37
spina bifida
svp aider mon fils raouf a 5 ans il a les deus vertebre cervicale c3 et c4 s est urgant mon tel 0554945407
aouabed toufik Feb 26, 2014 12:49
help nassim
salam c'est le neurologiste dr (???? taiab) qui nous donnè un traitement pour calme les douleurs jusqu’à trouvé des solutions .au même tempe j'ai envoyé a vous le report medical de nassim svp Nous avons besoin de de votre expérience pour trouver la meilleure solution pour nassim
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Azzedine Mar 19, 2015 21:26
Envoyer moi votre número de telephone, je vous contacterais tres prochainement inchaallah
aouabed toufik Feb 07, 2014 07:10
imergency help
good morning im toufik from setif city in algeria ineed to help me to take care of my sister's son (nassim)he born with spina bifidia since 2 years and half his back also wrap that make suffer every day with non stop crying and sleepless i need your help imdiately doctor estamboli please this is my phone number 213-0774212815... your assosiation is my only hope
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keboute abderezak Apr 13, 2017 14:39
I thank you for the assistance . I also explain to you my problem. I have a child was born since 35days in Batna city, with Meningoencephalocele . I hope you take this situation into consideration, my celephone is .
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houda Oct 12, 2014 14:26
Azzedine Feb 25, 2014 01:22
Salam Tewfik, je voudrais savoir c'est qui le Dr. Qui le suit en Algerie Quelle était la conduite à tenir Merci