Improving health, changing lives, one child at a time

About Us

Our Mission
The Mission of the Maghreb-American Health Foundation is to lead strategic collaborative efforts among the countries of the Maghreb region and other partners in the United States, in order to promote equity in health, emphasize the prevention of birth defects, and improve the quality of the lives of the people of the Maghreb by focusing on shaping quality health care in the region and promoting education and international development.
Our Vision
The broad vision of the MAHF is to foster efficient and effective bilateral and multilateral health care-related projects in the Maghreb region. Research, education, and service activities in global health through the mobilization and empowerment of human and technical resources and to become a major catalyst ensuring that all the peoples in the Maghreb region enjoy a better quality of life.
Our Values
Integrity, Professionalism, Respect, Ethical conduct, Equity.
Who We Are

Just like the children we care for, aiming to continuously grow and make considerable changes towards the better and common good.

The Maghreb-American Health Foundation, Inc is an alliance of multidisciplinary, dedicated and diverse group of professionals who believe that access to quality healthcare is a universal human right. The foundation was established in April of 2012. Its main office is located in North Wales Pennsylvania.

What We Do

We carry out our work by coordinating with strategic partners including Medical Institutions with global agenda, as well as professional and scientific associations to make a difference in the children and peoples’ lives of the Maghreb region.

Our team is formed of highly motivated and committed professionals driven by common passion and a shared vision seek of combating health issues in the Maghreb region. This will be achieved by :

Board of Directors

The Maghreb-American Health Foundation's Board of Directors consists of 5 highly motivated individuals who represent a wide array of professional sectors from medicine to business.

Dr. Azzedine Stambouli

Dr. Djaoued Bedjaoui

Yassine Belkhodja

Rahmouna Rouni

Cyrene High